Web Development Industrial Training on Live Projects

If you want to become a really good web developer and attract better jobs, join our web development industrial training in Noida. Instead of teaching web development through theory, we train you through real world projects at real companies in production environment.
Course benefits  
This way or learning through an internship helps you know about web development and really grasp its concepts much more quickly. Some of the more prominent advantages of web development live training in Delhi are:

  • You work directly from professional web developers
  • You can see how they work in really time
  • You not only learn about development, but also the tools of the trade
  • You are trained by professional who have been creating websites for more than 10 years
  • By working in live production environment, you get a feel for the job even before you get one
  • We assist you while getting a job, by arranging interviews for you

What you learn  
Through our web development industrial training in Noida, you will learn about how to develop applications, e-commerce sites and plugins with PHP, MySQL and WordPress. Enrol now to become a world class professional web developer through our rigorous and thorough training at Kcoresys Edu.

Highlights and features of our industrial training course

Course Details

Industrial Training in Website Designing is a modular 3 months course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions.


  • PHP – Installation & configuration, PHP basic syntax, Understanding Operators
  • MySQL – Create Database , Managing, query based on conditions, Learning CRUD(Create/Read/Update/Delete), PHP Sessions (Create Login & Register system)
  • CMS Project – Create Secure Login , Add/Update/Delete Categories,Articles,Pages, Create Admin, Add/Update/Delete Categories, Products


  • BASIC Configuration – install and configure, WordPress File Structure, difference between Post and Page, configure post settings, Managing, Defining rules for users
  • Theme Customization – change themes, edit the theme from admin, convert XHTML file into WordPress, custom PHP coding into WordPress, develop your own theme, develop a premium theme
  • Menu and Widgets – configure custom menu, customize the menu design, Widgets?
  • Plugin Development – install a plugin, modify the plugin, develop a simple plugin, Connect your plugin with database, advance plugin with Databse/Jquery/css
  • E-commerce website development – develop a shopping cart website using wordpress, configure Payment Gateway in wordpress

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