Web Master

Most IT professionals are experts at one or two domains, whether that is designing or developing websites or SEO. Our webmaster course, on the other hand, makes you an expert in everything related to websites. We train you for everything including:

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Print design
  • SEO
  • SMO

This makes you the proverbial all-rounder in your field and a more desirable candidate to companies looking for web experts. Our courses are taught by professional who are experienced and have worked for many years in the web industry, which gives you even more knowledge than any place else.
Training benefits  
The training benefits for – Web Design + Print Design + Web Development + SEO + SMO are practically countless. To name a few:

  • You know how the internet really works from the inside out
  • You learn how to create websites from scratch
  • You get to know how to research for a new website design
  • You also learn how to make websites appear in the top 10 results on search engines through SEO
  • You learn how to develop websites that are fast and have slick animation

If you want to become a professional at designing, making websites, our webmaster course at Kcoresys Edu is the best possible way to do that.

Programme Schedule

Normal Track
Course Duration: 9 months
Schedule: 2 Hours/ 5 Days a week

Fast Track
Course Duration: 6 months
Schedule: 4 Hours/ 5 Days a week

Software Covered:

Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML 5(responsive), CSS3, PHP, WordPress, SEO, SMO, FTP applications

Course Contents:

Web Design + Print Design + Web Development + SEO/SMO


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